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Framework Leadership

Jan 17, 2019

Steve Saccone is a pioneer in the field of unrestricted education and leadership development. For more than a decade, he has partnered with churches nationwide, as well as globally, to design and launch innovative internship programs called Protégé. His work in and with local churches has equipped many to develop transformational leaders and more effective leadership pipelines. He has written several books, including Relational Intelligence, Protégé, The Protege Playbook, and his latest one, Talking About God: Honest Conversations About Spirituality.

In his current role as with Southeastern University, he is charged with executing a unique vision to merge the academic world with the local church to develop the next generation of ministry leaders. He also serves as professor and has been in pastoral ministry for over fifteen years, where he served at Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago, Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, and most recently Awakening Church in the heart of the Silicon Valley. 

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